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If you are a brand that offers products or services that my community care about—we might be a right fit.

I am a strategic thinker with a background in marketing. My experience is in writing, data analysis, project management and strategic planning. I am a creative and perpetually positive collaborator. I provide high-quality content customized for you by leveraging my experience and elevating it with my dedication to introducing my audience to brands that we can trust. My commitment to my community is very important to me. They know they can trust me because I will never share something I don't really believe in.


About my community

My community is highly engaged and mainly consists of women with children between the ages of 25-44 living in Canada and the US.

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Family Content . Lifestyle . Simple Recipes



All services include a one-on-one discovery session to discuss your audience and your needs. I work closely with you to leverage my marketing background and maximize the impact of the work I am doing. I am very passionate about providing high-quality and intentional content.

Get an agency experience at content creator rates.

From blog posts and giveaways to fully developed multi-reel campaigns and beyond. If the product you provide are food let me create a recipe for you.

The possibilities are endless, really.  

Contact me for my media kit.

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