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Our Story

My husband and I's journey to becoming parents was difficult. It began with a miscarriage and was followed by the loss of our first-born daughter, Lily, after going into premature labour at 23 weeks. My husband and I received support boxes from different organizations but while the boxes were incredibly thoughtful and gave me a great deal of comfort, there was always something missing. Despite being provided so many resources, my husband was left with nothing if it was not also available to me. 

There is a blindspot in grief support surrounding pregnancy and child loss. Lilly's Purpose is committed to closing that gap for couples and changing the way families are supported in the wake of loss.

What we Do

Lily's Purpose is an initiative created to support couples who have suffered pregnancy loss, stillbirth and infant loss. We provide support boxes meant to aid both parents through these difficult moments in their lives. Alongside those resources, your box will also include items that have been handcrafted with love and generously donated by some truly wonderful local businesses. 

I wanted to give my daughter's life a purpose beyond her short time with us by supporting couples in honour of her. I hope to bridge the gap in grief support and help families repair in these moments of unbearable loss.

What is in the support box?

  • Tissues

  • Candle

  • Grief journal

  • Reading list and book mark

  • Self-care items for both parents

  • List of resources for both parents

  • Seeds to plant a flower in your child's honour

  • Letters from another couple who has experienced loss

Why the rainbow?


The rainbow is a symbol of hope and a graceful example of resilience in nature. It is a reminder that something beautiful can come from even the darkest and most unpredictable of storms. By using our experience with child loss to support couples in their moment of grief we are giving a greater purpose to our daughters life — we are fulfilling her rainbow.

The logo created is actually derivative of the rainbow sign that hangs on my daughter Seraphina's room; a gentle reminder of her big sister.


How can you request a support box?

If you or someone that you love has experienced the loss of a child, you can

request a support box at no cost to you by emailing

Boxes will also be available through The Midwifery Collective of Ottawa.

How can you get involved?

Write a Letter

You and your partner can write messages of support and of hope to help another couple through this difficult time in their lives. That letter will be transcribed by hand in an envelope and placed in a support box to be provided to another family in need. You can send your massages to

Get a little, Give a Little


I am an ambassador for a publishing company run by a couple of exceptional women, called Little Voice Books. They have published two children's books in french and english with really important messages. When you use my code THERESILIENTMOMMY to purchase one of their children's books, a portion of that sale is donated to Lily's Purpose to aid in the production of these support boxes.


Purchase a book here!



Unstoppable Prints Co. is

a printing company run by

a cherished Ottawa mom

blogger, Unstoppable Mama.

She creates beautiful prints that are hand-crafted and personally delivered with a great deal of care. A portion of her sales are charitably donated to various initiatives in our community directly impacting mothers or families in need. Sara has created a beautiful print with the Lily's Purpose logo. For every sale of this rainbow print, $5 will be donated to Lily's Purpose to help with the cost of production.

Get your rainbow print here!



If you are a small business in Ottawa and you feel that you can provide products or services that would bring comfort to a grieving family, get in touch with me. Send me a message and tell me about your business, I would love to work with you!



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